All I Need

Massachusetts Board Company

December 2022

What do YOU need?
Skateboarding, family & friends.

What triggered to come up with your own board company?
It’s been a dream of mind since I was little. When I lost my sponsors in the great recession I decided to put my savings into ALL I NEED!

You were still listed as pro for World Industries in 2019. Are you still riding for them?
Right now I’m the brand manager for World Industries. I’m focused on building on their skate team and creating new epic artwork for skateboard designs!

What was your proudest moment as a pro?
There isn’t really just one moment. The things I’m most proud of being a pro are traveling the world, my videos parts, creating rad artwork and products with my friends.

You are an unlockable character in the Tony Hawk series of video games. This must be a pretty surreal experience. How did this come about?
I use to ride for Tony Hawks company Birdhouse. If you beat the game with the birdhouse team it unlocks a video which I’m included in. It was a honor to play a small part of what Tony has created.

‘When I lost my sponsors in the great recession I decided to put my savings into ALL I NEED!’

Anthony Shetler ATL photo Corey Goonan
Anthony Shetler • 50-50 • Atlanta   © Corey Goonan

Which local/nationa /international board company inspires you at the moment and why?
I’ve always loved World Industries. I love flame boy, Wet Willy and devilment.

What are your plans with All I Need?

More travel, more artwork, more skateboarding.

If you could sign up any skater, who would it be and why?

Brandon Westgate because he is my best friend and a legend.

How would you describe the Boston skateboard scene and its
It’s doing great! We have a lot of amazing skateboarders, tons of cool skateparks and epic street spots.

What are the skaters in Boston most proud of?

Being able to deal with the shitty winters!

‘There are no challenges we can’t overcome.’

Derek Fukuhara 360 flip Portugal photo @mikendo
Derek Fukuhara • 360 flip • Portugal   © Mikendo

Who are some of the talented skaters in Boston that are making a name for themselves?
Billy Drowne, Evan Mansolillo, Kevin Klemme, Corey Goonan, Sam Curran, Sean Egan, Jacob Jensen.

What are some of your underground heros?

Jay Vasconcellos. He owns Solstice skateshop.

What are some of the challenges people in general face in
Boston today?
There are no challenges we can’t overcome.

Last question. If you could interview a person, who would it be
and why?
I’ve already interviewed most my heroes on my podcast “All I Need skate”.

Which person did you enjoy interviewing the most?
I really enjoyed talking with Chad Muska because he is such a legend and I really looked up to him as a child.

Anthony shetler & Timmy Knuth
Anthony Shetler - Timmy Knuth