Pedro Biagio • FS nosegrind • Paris (France)   © Anthony Claravall

‘Pedro Biagio (my favorite skater) at his first time at Palais de Tokyo in Paris 2017. The juxtaposition of ancient weathered marble friezes and a modern skater all in black.I usually hate when skaters wear all black but in this instance it works. I only shoot with ambient light and usually can’t really plan the time of day we skate since there are so many factors but Pedro and the statue in the foreground are lit so well while the back wall is in muted shadow. I shot this photo with my favorite lens,a 1.8f 150mm after skating around one of myfavorite cities,then probably ending the day with a favorite meal (laughing)’.

Anthony Claravall

May 2024

Anthony Claravall Preduce Interview Vol12
Anthony Claravall Preduce Interview