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Ba                                                          K                    SIDe

                                                                                   Publisher   January 2024

                                                                            State Correspondent
                                                                                Karim Ghonem

                                                                             Lead Photographer
                                                                                Karim Ghonem

                                                                       Contributing Photographers
                                                                                      Yan K
                                                                                    Eric Full
                                                                                   Jus Martel
                                                                                  Eka Seneth
                                                                                  Darwin Lam
                                                                                  Chad Martel                                                                                                                       Gnarly Carleigh
                                                                                 Sean Keenan
                                                                                 Brian Higbee
                                                                                Tony Capasso
                                                                                 Ryan Kirtland
                                                                                 Patrick O’Dell
                                                                                 Matt Fratiello
                                                                                Jake Fuscardo
                                                                                Andrew Fisher
                                                                                Sean Meighan
                                                                                Kevin Klemme
                                                                               Jack Spanbauer
                                                                                Pete Thompson
   COVER SHOT                                                                  Fraser Thomson
   ‘Silouhette shot - Trinity skate plaza, downtown                            Lucky St. Angelo
   providence. Before this plaza was built with money                          Chelsea McCabe
   raised by both the local skate community and the                            John Hesselbarth
   Tony Hawk skatepark project, the parking garage was
   the main meetup spot. Nothing but a few little curbs                       Jessica Desforges
   (that grind and slide so good) and a few sewer caps                         Andrea Garritano
   to do tricks over, but on the edge of the city, rarely                     Dick Maz Maseroll
   ever got hassled. But this was built in early-mid
   2010's and its prett sick. Right in the center of
   downtown, a hassle free skatspot with backs, ledges,           UNDERCOVER SHOT
   a volcano, stairs, gaps...always kids skating this spot.       ‘I had shot the photo once before even with
   This was just a random day, I came by and shot                 no skater on a foggy day and then went
   photos of the local kids. This was just one of those           back hoping something interesting
   random kids. Really like this shot.’                           happened in the street. I saw this kid
   Photo: Karim Ghonem                                            skating but I am not sure who he is.
                                                                  I wanted the street to be more empty and
                                                                  less cluttered so I went back again. I ran
                                                                  into Jon Lavoie at the very spot by chance
                        Contact                                   and asked if he'd just push down the road
                                    for me.’
                 @backsideskatemag                                Unknown • Push • Providence RI • 2022
                      6     Photo: Lucky St. Angelo                                                                                          7
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