November 2021

How long have been drawing skateboard artwork and why?
I draw or designed skateboards about two years ago since I wanted to finish my college degree and that was the beginning of a collaboration with the skateboard Puppets brand. Because I love the skateboarding scene, and before I draw for skateboards I used to skate a lot with some of my school friends but not as a pro skater.

Where do you get the inspiration from?
I get inspiration from many things, such as what people do on a daily basis, seeing colorful visuals, watching movies and listening to music and much more.

What does skateboarding mean to you?
Skateboard in my opinion is a fun, quite difficult game but can entertain yourself and can make more friends and can refresh boredom.

If you can change one thing about Skateboarding what would it be?
Maybe not, because what I see here in the skateboarding scene is all the same, both beginners and professionals can play together and discuss with each other. But if you can, just multiply the skatepark so that there are not too many people playing on the highway because it is dangerous.

What does the future hold for the skateboarding community in Indonesia?
In my opinion, the future of the skateboard community in Indonesia will be more developed because many of them are still young or small children here who like and have been playing skateboarding with their families.