Abdel • BS Ollie Grab • CD Plaza at Centro Direzionale, Naples

Caserta (Italy)

‘Nobody really understands skateboarding here.’

Interview with Bruno Pinto
Photos by Michele Cortese Tempesta

April 2023

Can you tell us something about Caserta?
Caserta is the city with the worst livability in Italy. This is a fact.

Tell us something about yourself?
I was born in Caserta in 1996, and I still live there. I started skateboarding in 2009, when I was 13, after seeing the movie “Lords of dogtown” and also because of Tony hawk videogames on PS2. In those days, there were no skaters in my town. I learned ollie by watching tutorials in youtube, and the same for the next flatground tricks. Then, after my school friends saw me going to school with my board, some of started skateboarding too. We created our first skate crew. Then they quit. One after the other. I am the only one in this city who has never abandoned skateboarding. I favor the old school style, I really like ’80 and ’90 skateboarding. Furthermore, I’m also a surfer, a musician
(a music conservatory graduated guitarist) and a marine biologist (I’m currently involved in scientific research on the octopuses).

‘Then there is “Casapool”. My favorite spot. An abandoned light blue empty pool originally built to contain a pond.’

Bruno Pinto • Wallride • Casapool, Caserta

How big is the skate community in Caserta?
It is very small. We are about ten. Nobody really understands skateboarding here. For the majority of them it is just a trend or something for kids.

What are some of the best skate spots in Caserta?
There are several spots in Caserta. The most important one is the porch and the square under the municipality palace. You can imagine the struggles with people who work there, cops and indignant citizens. Then there is “Casapool”. My favorite spot. An abandoned light blue empty pool originally built to contain a pond. I love skate there and do wallrides.

Are there any official skate parks?
Yes. They built a skatepark on December 2021. It is very simple but it’s a start!

‘No mafia in skateboarding.’

Yakoons • Krooked grind • CD Plaza at Centro Direzionale, Naples

Is maybe the Mafia involved in the skateboarding scene?
No mafia in skateboarding.

How close is the relationship between the skate communities of Caserta and the next big city Naples?
Very close. We are all one community.

How difficult is it to access skateboard gear in Caserta?
Very difficult. We buy all skateboard gear and clothes online.

Tell us something about public skatemy, Caserta’s skate crew.
The crew is made up of few skaters, whose main aim is have fun through skateboarding. We love to do skate trips all around our geographical region to search new spots and make funny skateboarding videos.

‘I hate this city, and I hope that soon I will move to a better place.’

Bruno Pinto • Boneless • Caserta

What are some of the challenges people face in Caserta every day?
Life in Caserta is not easy. There is a lot of of criminality, ignorance, and all people look the same, dress the same, and they are mostly focused on their appearance. I hate this city, and I hope that soon I will move to a better place.

Last question: If you could interview a person, who would it be and why? What would you ask?
I would interview Jay Adams, because I think that he was the first primordial skater ever. I love his style, the way he landed tricks, the way he surfed. My skateboarding style and the idea I have about skateboarding are mostly inspired by Jay Adams. I would ask him what he preferred between surfing and skateboarding, and why. That’s also the question I usually ask to myself.