Christian Leban

August 2021

What is your name and where do you live?
My name is Christian Leban and I live in a rabbithole in the South of Austria.

How long have you been drawing skateboard sketches and why?
I don’t remember when I did the first skateboard drawing. Definitely many years ago. Skateboarding was always a part of me growing up and so was drawing. So it made sense that the one made it’s way into the other.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Obviously skateboarding. But also nature and the people around me. Everything I see and experience shapes my work.

What does skateboarding mean to you?

If there is one thing you could change about skateboarding, what would it be?
Those damn injuries.

Project ‘Rolling Home’
The Rolling Home Journal is a quarterly print publication celebrating alternative living. It documents stories, interviews, artwork, images, technical knowledge and advice. Helping to connect the community with a shared passion for adventure and alternative living. For the first issue Lauren and Calum brought together a group of truly inspiring contributors from across the globe; from voyages through Icelandic landscapes, to the most innovative campervan interiors. Pretty amazing stuff.

Project ‘Views of China’
Views of China are 11 hand drawn, animated loops shaped into one film that describes the China that I have experienced. Beautiful aspects, but also points of conflict. Each one with a unique, individual concept. Immerse yourself in a strange world. It’s a small insight into this huge, fascinating world. The shortfilm was also the final part of my Master’s thesis. The project got awarded Red Dot and ADC Junior Award.