‘With that said, our main spots where people can hang and skate are in good pretty shape. At least until they tear Copley out.’

Jimmy Lake
Founder & Owner

Cornerstore Skate Co.

Boston Board Company

December 2022

Can you tell us something about Boston no one knows?
When I moved to Boston in 2007, the saying was “AQ after 5”. Businesses had an agreement with us skaters that if we didn’t skate AQ until after 5pm, then we wouldn’t get kicked out. Sadly, things have changed around the city.

What triggered to come up with your own board company?

I was riding for Worship Skateboards and wanted to create a sister company with the owner, Jeff Blayman. It was a creative outlet for me and gave me the opportunity to do something with people I respected. At the end of the day, he thought I’d be better off doing it alone, so I did. And here we are ten years later. Shout out to Jeff.

On your website it says you produce your boards in Boston. So, you have your own wood shop? 

All of the screen printing and design is hand done by us in house. We strive to be inclusive and hit up local artists and skaters for designs. Our buddies up in Quebec, Canada do our manufacturing for us.

Mike Miller • Nose slide • Philly, PA   © Kaiser

In your online shop there are three items with one being sold out.  Marketing strategy or just too busy updating the website? 
The website is honestly an afterthought; we prefer local shops be the  place that people pick up our product. All of the shops that carry our  product are in New England or New York, and we keep it pretty local on purpose. Our focus has always been on putting out dope content and being together in the streets. So far, we have put out three full length videos. 

Which national and/or international board company inspires you and why? 
Inspiration comes directly from all of the guys involved with the brand.  We just bounce ideas off of each other, and if everyone is stoked, then  we move forward. For me personally, a lot of inspiration comes from  when graphics are hand drawn and screen printed. 

If you had to pick one though, which one would it be? 
Alien Workshop was my favorite company growing up. They killed it on  all levels from the team, graphics, and the timeless videos they put out.  Glad to see they are still killing it to this day. 

‘I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’m stoked to see how long crews  have held it down and spots like Copley, AQ, and Eggs.’

Sticky • Back lipslide • South Boston   © Kaiser

What are your plans with Corner Store? 
Right now, we are working on our first sixth month edit, which we will  continue to try and pump out every six months. Before this, we would  spend two to three years on a video, and kids would forget we existed in  the time in between, or at least it felt like that. (laughing) We also will  continue to try and make products that we are hyped on and hope other people will be as well. 

If you could sign up any skater, who would it be and why? 
Right now, we have everyone involved that we want to be. Everything is  pretty organic with who we skate with on a daily basis anyways. 

I am sure there is at least one skater you dream of signing. 
If I had a pick of anyone in the Boston scene, I’d have to go with Sean Evans. He’s got one of my favorite styles and trick selections of all the young guns in the city.

‘If I had a pick of anyone in the Boston scene, I’d have to go with Sean Evans.’

Sticky • Boardslide • Boston   © Collins

How would you describe the Boston skateboard scene and its community? 
I feel like it’s at a good point right now with a lot of people skating for sure. The only downfall is that when you used to go skate a spot, you’d know everyone there, and now, there are a ton a scene splintered apart by peoples preferred skate parks or street spots. 

What are the skaters in Boston most proud of? 
I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’m stoked to see how long crews have held it down at spots like Copley, AQ, and Eggs. 

Who are some of the talented skaters in Boston that are making a name for themselves? 
The big names holding it down in town right now are: Brian Reid, Will Mazzari, and Sean Evans. There are tons of other talents you can peep in any of the videos that: Tim Savage, Cam, Dumaine, and Anthony Capostagno have put out lately. 

Any challenges skateboarding in Boston faces today?
The challenges are the same as they’ve always been when it comes to street skating. With that said, our main spots where people can hang and skate are in pretty good shape. At least until they tear Copley out. 

Last question. If you could interview a person, who would it be and why? 
If we are talking about a skateboarder, it’d be Rodney Mullen for sure. It just seems like he approaches and sees everything from a much different angle than anyone I’ve met. I’d just love to sit and pick his brain about pretty much everything.

Mike Miller • Back tail • Boston   © Stickney