Eddy Eacueo • 360 flip • Providence, RI   © Lucky St. Angelo

‘Dealing with really mean people and still getting the trick. East Coast knowers know.’

Eddy Eacueo

May 2024

Can you tell us something about Rhode Island no one knows?
One thing about Rhode Island one knows that would be hard because at least someone knows something (laughing). I’ll give a couple. Rhode Island has a small desert. Construction takes longer in Rhode Island compared to every other state in the US. Lastly, Rhode Island is home to flying squirrels!!!!

How would you describe the Rhode Island skateboard scene and its community?
Just like the state itself the scene is pretty small. Even though it’s small, it’s diverse. Getting more and more diverse every year. I would say community is growing. With all the new spots, new skateparks and all around hype around skating, more and more people are getting in the mix. One big thing as well is the scene is VERY slept on. Being the smallest state, which is shadowed by Boston, NYC, etc. the rippers and OGs usually don’t get noticed by big brands and mags over on the west coast.

Proudest moment in your career so far?
Sheeeeshhh I got to skate a red bull demo in Amsterdam late 2022 with all the big dogs and only missed like 2 tricks. I guess the rest is still to be written. Big picture I’d say just being able to be a part of producing a skate documentary with the Boston legend Mike Bell. I’ve been running sound and second camera with Mike for a long time and got the privilege to interview Jake Phelps a few months before he passed. Wish I could say when that documentary will be released but it has had its roadblocks.

Eddy Eacueo • Half cab over the wall • Providence, RI   © Jessica Desforges

How did you end up on the Red Bull demo?
I currently work for a German company. They do exchange programs where people go to the headquarters in Cologne and work for two weeks. It just so happened that the red bull euro tour was going on and I had time off on the weekends. Amsterdam was a quick ride away so I just barged it and skated as hard as I could once I got to the demo. It was at skatepark NORD.

Most embarrassing?
Easy one! When I was 15 there was a huge contest in Narragansett Rhode Island (Park was burned down years later). Everyone under 16 had to wear pads. I was so padded up, when I dropped in for my first run, I made it 4 ft from the end of the quarter pipe and went straight to my face. Nick Lane blew minds that day.

What are the skaters in Rhode Island most proud of?
Being able to skate really really shitty spots most people won’t touch. Dealing with really mean people (security/randoms) and still getting the trick. East Coast knowers know.

Anything they are less proud of?
Not being able to have an indoor skatepark that lasts.

‘Not being able to have an indoor skatepark that lasts.’

Eddy Eacueo • Transfer • Trinity Skate Plaze in Providence, RI   © Karim Ghonem

What is on your wish list from a skateboard perspective?
I’d say just to be able to skate at a high level as long as humanly possible. Learning new tricks, having fun, traveling – it’s all part of the dream no matter the outcome.

What do you do if not skating?
Lots of things. Playing all sorts of music, guitar. I have a full-time job as a videographer, sound engineer, live steam tech, so that all keeps the brain going and the money flowing. Riding the road bike. Rhode Island is known as the ocean state, so anytime it gets hot, I get into some underwater activities and what not. I’m also recently engaged to a beautiful lady, and we have a fury four legged daughter named Stevie, so they keep me one my toes as well.

Last question. If you could interview a person, who would it be and why?
Ooooh this is a tricky one. I’d interview this dude, Edgar Cayce. Super random but he was this sort of all knowing psychic back in early 1900s.

Eddy Eacueo • Switch heel • Providence, RI   © Lucky St. Angelo