Evan Mansolillo • 5-0 • Narragansett, RI   © Matt Fratiello

‘Definitely not a lot of money in it. I’m thankful to have had a number of free trips though!’

Evan Mansolillo

April 2024

Can you tell us something about Rhode Island no one knows?
It’s the smallest state, if you’re on route 95 you can drive through it in maybe 45 minutes.

How would you describe the Rhode Island skateboard scene and its community?
It’s pretty tight knit, essentially everyone knows each other no matter what part of the state you’re from. Most people are aware of all the area‘s Og’s which is cool too. In bigger states there’s probably endless old heads that paved the way and broke in a lot of frequented spots for the first time, but here it’s easier to get an appreciation about who came before you.

On your 13th birthday you got your first Sponsor Narragansett Surf and Skate. How did the sponsorship with All I NEED come about?
I went to a lot of Shetler’s contests at skaters edge indoor park in Taunton mass. He then filmed of quick edit of me at skaters edge in a YouTube series called Greenhorn where he was just featuring younger skaters on the come up. We also both ended up getting shoes from Vision Street Wear at the same time. He came down to my local park to host an All I Need x Vision Jam and ended up giving me a deck that day.

Evan Mansolillo • Back smith grind • Cape cod, MA   © Andrew Fisher

In August 2022 you turned pro with ALL I NEED. What has changed for you personally since then?
Not anything drastic, I’m just thankful to have my name on some decks, more than I could ask for.

Can you make a living off skateboarding now that you turned pro?
Definitely not a lot of money in it. (Laughing). I’m thankful to have had a number of free trips though!

Any thoughts moving to California where there is more exposure for talented skaters?
Not sure I’m into it long term, I kinda like New England as a home base. I enjoy the seasons and even the colder weather sometimes. I try to take at least a handful of trips a year. I would probably do something where I just go to Cali for a month.

‘I’m not thrilled about it per say, but I skate for myself first and foremost and wanna do it forever.’

Evan Mansolillo • Wallie-ish tail bone • Providence, RI   © Jake Fuscardo

Proudest moment in your career so far?
I’ll always be happy with my parts in “Good Eye” and “Big Cowboy Season.” That was probably the best groove of filming I’ve ever been in. They were both filmed at the same time mostly.

Most embarrassing?
I don’t have a very good kickflip honestly except for on some ramps or flipping out of a slide. That’s a forever thing. (laughing).

What are the skaters in Rhode Island most proud of?
Not sure honestly. Can’t speak for everyone. Probably just having a rad scene in the smallest state.

Who are some of the talented skaters in RI that are making a name for themselves?
This kid Evin who skates in Providence a lot comes to mind. Sergio too. @pcckett and @areeyesa.

In the interview with Boston Voyager you mentioned you ‘started my own skateboard instruction business “New England Skate Station,” to share my love for skating while giving back to the next generation.’ Pretty amazing for only 21 year old skater. What is driving this so early in your career?
I don’t mind working with kids. It’s rewarding and also pays well! (laughing).

‘I enjoy the seasons and even the colder weather sometimes.’

Evan Mansolillo • Fakie flip • Laguan Hills, CA   © Kevin Klemme

What else is there on your wish list. You sure have plenty of years left to work on it.
Honestly getting back to 100% health right now, I sustained three concussions in a year and a half. Only one was from actually trying a trick which sucks. I made the decision to wear a helmet going forward. I’m not thrilled about it per say, but I skate for myself first and foremost and wanna do it forever. So, fuck an image I guess. (laughing).

I am sure there is helmet sponsor waiting for you out there.
I did in fact get one sent to me to try out. It was pretty good, but I’m more comfortable in the make and model that I purchased for myself.

Last question. If you could interview a person, who would it be and why?
Tom Brady , huge fan.

Any thoughts about the divorce?
If Tom Brady ain’t good enough the rest of us are screwed! (laughing).