Hector Marti • Nollie inward • Litoral Mayaguez (PR)

‘A good offer.’

Luis Diaz

December 2023

Tell us something about Puerto Rico that no one knows.
– Puerto Rico has the best food, I’m not going to lie and the best beach of course. (laughing).

What type of food are we talking about?
– Rice and Beans, Mofongo, Empanadas and Fish Tacos.

You are a Chef. What do you like about that job?
– I like it because food is something you can do differently any day.

Felipe Pagan • Flip fs boardslide • Betances Cabo Rojo (PR)

How would you describe the skateboard community in Puerto Rico to a foreigner?
– A very underground scene with a lot of Skate talents, filmers and Photographers.

What are some of the top skate spots in Puerto Rico?
– On the west of the island is Mayawest Skate (Mayaguez Puerto Rico) Plaza overlooking the beach and on the east of the island is Gongo DIY Spot in (Las Piedras Puerto Rico).

Any Puerto Rico talents that are making a name for themselves?
– Xava Maldonado and Rio Batan.

What is the local skate scene most proud of?
– For me the Prince of Puerto Rico event that is celebrated in December brought by Manny Santiago, Fico Rodriguez and company.

Can you tell us something about yourself?
– My name is Luis Diaz. I am from the town of Cabo Rojo (Puerto Rico). I am 33 years old and I have been taking photos and video of skateboards in my free time for some 12 years. For those who want to know a little more about my skate content, my YouTube channel is Luis Diaz HD.

‘Tough question. There are many that I like.’

Xava Maldonado • FS Nose • Flip fs boardslide • Plaza Guayanilla Guayanilla (PR)

Assuming you started off skateboarding at what point did you move to photography and why?
– At the time that I saw a lot of talent in Puerto Rico and little exposure. I have always liked the cameras and the cinematography.

Is there one skateshot you wish you had taken?
– Robert Lopez Mont Fakie Flip NYC 6 Blocks (D7).

Proudest moment?
– When Mundo Rad TV magazine called me for a photo for one of its editions.

Most embarrassing?
– Once I went on tour with the SK8HOP team. When I get to the Airbnb, I’m going to transfer the clips to the hard drive but the laptop did not work.

Are you able to make an income with your photography?
– The way they generate income is by uploading content to social networks and people or small companies make the approach to work.

Fico Rodriguez • Ollie • Ponce Pueblo Ponce (PR)

Who is one of the videographer that inspires you?
– Tough question. There are many that I like. Jon Miner from the US and Arnaldo Rosario from Puerto Rico.

Have you ever thought of moving to the States to advance your photography career?
– Yes, I’ve thought about it.

What would it take for you to move to the US?
– A good offer.

What is on your wish list?
– Travel to Spain.

Last question. If you could interview one person, who would it be and why?
– Physicist Robert W. Wood. He invented the fisheye.

Xava Maldonado • Back smith • New York City (USA)   © Gabriel Santos