Malta Skateboards

Indo Board Company

November 2021

‘I always dream to have my own design on the skateboards since I played THPS games for the first time.’

Who founded Malta Skateboards and when?
Actually, it is me (Ega MP) and my friend Berry back in 2016. Now he’s more in charge of the business because I ride for another skate brand called FSC.

Why did you decide to start your own board company?
I think because I am really in love with skateboarding and maybe because I love to create something in general. So, anything about skateboarding I will try to make it or do something. From the shoes, clothing line, shop, skatepark, skate video. Anything man, as long as I can make it. But besides that, I always dream to have my own design on the skateboards since I played THPS games for the first time.

Which Malta design do you like best?
The one that hasn’t been released yet. Malta x Pawel Swanski. Also with Lucas Beaufort.

Do you manufacture your boards in Indonesia?
When we started Malta, we bought the blank deck and we screen printed by ourselves at my skatepark at that time. But we both are just really busy. So in 2017, so we decided to order the boards from China.

Malta Skateboards
Firmanndo navigating around the pole with a kick flip in Sumedang  © Ega.MP

What have been some of the biggest challenges in starting up your own board company?
Money, shipping cost and taxes (laughing).

What is your biggest success with Malta Skateboards?
To be able to support the skateboarding scene mostly in Indonesia and for my friends (team members) not to work again. They can focus on skateboarding and have fun but also, they can cover their life and their family with just being a skateboarder.

So you are able to pay your team riders?
So far some of them I give the royalty from the pro boards. Once the company is better, I will be able to support them more.

Are you sponsoring any skaters? If so, are they all from Indonesia?
Yes, we have 7 team members so far. We have a guest board coming soon. A pro from the USA.

Can you already say who it is?
Not yet (laughing).

How did the connection happen?
Well it all just happened natural, we are all skateboarders you know! We all love one piece of wood called skateboards. So, my friend is friend of him and yeah, we just hooked up.

‘There is actually one pro who will ride for Malta. Next year! Stay tune for that. He’s legend, and yes from the USA.’

Anjar Pratama • 360 Flip • Bandung  © Ikbal Tawakal

If you could pick one pro-skater to ride for Malta Skateboards, who would it be and why?
There is actually one pro who will ride for Malta. Next year! Stay tune for that (laughing).

I am sure you cannot share his name but is he a local rider or from another country?
He’s legend, and yes from the USA.

What advise would you give to a skater that is looking for a board sponsor?
Don’t look for a sponsor man. Just skate hard for yourself and skate better. After that, the brands will be looking for you!

Malta Skateboards
Malta Skateboards

Which Skateboard brand inspires you most at the moment and why?
Primitive, Polar, Sk8mafia. They represent skateboarding.

There is another board company out there called Puppets Skateboards. Is there anything you like about their boards or their brands in general?
Yeah, they are cool as they bring the Indo culture to their design and keep the local artists on track. Their riders are sick like Sulistomo and Panji. Such good skaters. However, I wish the owner to skate more than only making business. “Go Yoki, do a kickflip” (laughing).

What are your plans with Malta Skateboards?
We work on full length video called “particular construction” and after that we will have a tour for sure. Where do you go on tour? Australian Tour, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia as well.

Last question. If you could interview one person, who would it be and why?
P-Rod. He’s brilliant.