Mazini Hafizhuddin

Indo Skate Photographer

Jimmy • Slappy Backtail • Tebet, Jakarta

November 2021

Where are you from?
I’m from Jakarta, Indonesia.

At what point did you move to photography and why?
I love to document everything that’s why I learn photography and my daily life its skating with my friend and that’s why I always shoot and love to shoot skateboarding.

Is there one skate shot you wish you had taken?
Hmm..maybe when I went a trip to Singapore with two dudes from Indonesia and I focus more on filming so I always forget to shoot photo after they landed the trick. They landed a lot of nice tricks that gonna be sick when I can shoot the photo too.

Proudest moment as a photographer?
My photo got into the cover of a skateboarding magazine.

Most embarrassing?
I’ve lost some shots and I don’t know how. Maybe I’ve deleted them accidentally (laughing).

What gear are you shooting with?
For digital I use Nikon d3s and for film I use Nikon f100.

Is there any post-production you do? If so how far do you go?
I don’t like to much to do in editing. Just a simple things that make my photos a little bit pop up.

What is on your wishlist?
Euro road trip with my homies. It’s gonna be sick.

Last question. If you could interview one person, who would it be and why?
My friend Adam who has a skate brand called bringback series. We grew up together in Indonesia skate scene and he always has unique ideas in skateboarding and making his work so fresh.