OG Skate Shoe Collector

OG Skate Shoe Collector


March 2022

You created @skateshoearchives where you post 90s / 00s ads & photos all about skateboard shoes and are very popular with it. What triggered the idea?
I created skateshoearchives to scan old mags and catalogs from my collection to share and post em up for the OGs and the young generation because I don’t wanna post all on my main Darkslide profile it would be just too much. Skateshoearchives stands for ads, collection pictures from all over the world and shoe catalogs. Nerd shit!

Tell us something about you?
34 years old. Married and father of a son. Living the dad life with a passion and addiction to basketball & skateboarding. I also love playing video games and listening to 90s hip hop.

You are heading towards 2,000 posts. Where do you get all the material from?
I have been collecting skate mags and shoe catalogs as long as I can think this dates back to the late 90s where I started hoarding the mags and also bought a bunch of full mag collections over the last years I found on ebay or from friends, local skate shops… everywhere I stumbled on some. I also have a lot of digital archives on old hard drives.

 ‘Anything DC. People go crazy about it especially the limited releases like Lynx or Kalis.’

éS Koston 1
éS Koston 1

What sort of DMs do you normally get?
Most of the dms are like ‘oh yea I had this exact shoe when I was in high school it was my favourite, best times yo’ or something like that cause its crazy how much memory a picture of a shoe you had in a a certain time of life can trigger and bring back. Its beautiful.

What is by far the weirdest request you received so far?
‘Please sponsor me’

How many skate shoes do you have?
I get that question a lot and I gotta say I stopped counting a while ago or a actually believe it or not I never counted my shoes. I guess this was never important to me and still isn’t. Plus if i do people would think iam crazy or my wife would kill me haha. Also I do sell shoes from time to time cause I really don’t wanna be an hoarder if I feel like okay this shoe is cool but I don’t really need it in my collection I sell it. That’s also a reason why I opened up a DEPOP page.

Do you wear them all or do you also collect them?
Id say its 50/50. Since iam an og collector I also have a lot of shoes you can’t or shouldn’t wear anymore cause of the old materials, the shoe especially the sole would crumble or split if worn but the rest I wear yes not all cause I love to have certain models just new deadstock in box but because I also collect basketball & running shoes I have a pretty good rotation.

éS Muska
éS Muska

What is the most sought after skate shoe at the moment?
Anything DC. People go crazy about it especially the limited releases like Lynx or Kalis. The most sought after OG Reissue that should happen is the ES Footwear Chad Muska.

What is your favourite skate shoe of all time?
I gotta go with the ES Footwear Koston 1 here, this shoe had and has so much meaning to me and its also the model I had multiple pairs of when I was a teenager. I loved skating the og K1s with the air bubble and all the colorways were just sick. Other honorable mentions would be Circa Chad Muska CM902, Axion Aries, Emerica Andrew Reynolds.

Which skate brand your really dig and why?
When it comes to shoe designs and gear like clothing & accessoires its Axion Footwear and Circa Footwear. Kareem Campbell and Chad Muska influenced me a lot.

‘When it comes to shoe designs and gear like clothing & accessories, it’s Axion Footwear and Circa Footwear. Kareem Campbell and Chad Muska influenced me a lot.’


Is there anything you want to achieve with @skateshoearchives?
Not really no. I was honestly surprised how much attention and followers it got in a real short time. It shows people still love the gold old 90s shit and are thirsty for it.

Do you have any other projects on the horizon?
I do! I got a close circle of og collectors, graphic designers and people in the industry iam blessed to call friends so we always working on ideas but can’t reveal any details for now.

Last question. If you could interview one person, who would it be and why? What would you ask?
Very good question but its no secret iam a huge Michael Jordan fan so I would probably sit down with him and he would be rude to me but I would love it haha. I’d ask him about specific moments in his his career I grew up with and shoes of course shoeeeees.

Jordan 13