‘Knowing how much he was loved and the great legacy he left has been very comforting and motivating for me, as a mother.’

Marta Lopez

In Memory of
Robert Lopez Mont

1987 – 2021

February 2024

Thank you, Marta for letting me ask you a few questions about your son, legend, and godfather of the Puerto Rican skateboard community.
Thank you for the opportunity for me, Marta Mont, to express myself about my beloved son, Robert López Mont, and his dedication to skateboarding.

Do you remember how it all started with Robert and skateboarding?
Well, I remember that even when he was little, two years old, he would climb on top of the carts, putting each foot on a cart and running on them as if they were skates or skateboards. I understand that those were his first steps in skateboarding. When he was older, at the age of 9-10, Robert asked for two skateboards as a Christmas gift. One was the regular skateboard and the other was the longboard. He ran around the house with his skateboard, wherever he moved in the house, he went with his skateboard. He did everything on his skateboard inside the house. He also went to a field in the neighborhood and skated around. Then he expanded his horizons and went to different towns, including San Juan, where there are several spots in which he did various tricks, and the skaters call him “Robert.” For example, “Robert’s 15“. These are some stairs in San Juan where only he has done a trick. During his first years of skateboarding, almost every week he would break the skateboard. So, almost every week we would go to a skate shop to buy him a new board. In my house I keep some of those things and skateboards as souvenirs.

‘I understand that those were his first steps in skateboarding.’

What did you think about him skateboarding? Were you okay with it?
His dad and I always supported him. He was a very good athlete. He excelled in all the sports he played. Since they did not fulfill his extreme spirit of risk and adventure, he got tired of them, until he discovered skateboarding. At first, we took him to run and practice at skateparks and competitions in PR. Later, when he was older, he also went skateboarding with his friends. When he was old enough, he travelled alone or with the “team” to which he belonged to run and compete in different events or contests around the world.

What was the point when he realized that he is a very talented skateboarder and wanting to turn this into a profession?
I think he knew he had talent in skateboarding since he was little. Different companies started sponsoring him, but I think he didn’t know the magnitude of his talent, what he did was unique, how much he was contributing to skateboarding locally and that he was “big”, unique, and unmatched in skateboarding. I could tell you that for my beloved little son, skateboarding was his only profession for a while.

‘He’s out of his mind. He flies
down the gnarliest things I’ve
ever seen in my life! He’s insane.’

Silas Baxter Neal
Racket Mag Interview

Robert Lopez Mont • Kick flip dropping • DIY Punta Las Marias, Isla Verde (PR)  © Gibran Lucas

How important was the Puerto Rican skateboard community to Robert?
For my beloved little son Robert, his Puerto Rican community, his country, and the sport of skateboarding, was very important. He wanted skateboarding to develop in all places, corners, and towns on our island. He wanted there to be more skateparks, well prepared, so he could practice his sport and not have to go to squares and public places where they were not allowed to run or must travel outside of Puerto Rico to prepare for competitions.

‘Imagine, even from the Republic of China a young man wrote to me and sent me a photo.’

Robert Lopez Mont • Boardslide of some sort • Quebradillas skate park, PR   © Abdel Lopez

While doing all the interviews for this issue, everybody mentions Robert in one way or the other. He certainly left his mark in the local community and still does to this day. How much does this mean to you as his mother?
Yes, I know that they loved my beloved son Robert very much, because he gave himself to be loved and they let me know. It has been very nice all the affection I have received from the people who loved him and still love him. My little son Robert was very noble, kind, helpful, charitable, a good friend, loving brother, and excellent son. It’s been two years and 6 months since he left and I still receive messages, anecdotes, memories of him from countless people. Imagine, even from the Republic of China a young man wrote to me and sent me a photo, where my beloved little son Robert came to visit and there is a spot that is also marked with his name. There are many things that show that my beloved little son still lives, and I know that he will live forever because his memories remain alive in those who knew him and even in those who did not know him but heard about him. Knowing how much he was loved and the great legacy he left has been very comforting and motivating for me, as a mother.

Thank you for your time, Marta. Much appreciated. Is there anything else you would like to say?
I am so grateful to everyone who supported, encouraged, sponsored, remember, and love my beloved little son Robert, and for keeping his memory alive. I thank you for this interview, for this beautiful opportunity to talk about my beloved son Robert and in this way, make his legacy continue to live on. Thank you so much.

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