Welcome to another episode of ‘Skater in/on… getting interviewed’.

Isaiah Johnson gave us his interview (vol6) in his car, flight attendant Flo (vol14) potentially out of a plane. In this episode, we look at the life of a skater working on a cruise ship. His name is Adhara Septananda or simply called Septoi. He is from Jakarta, Indonesia and works as a Chef. The money is good and the travelling fun but the gig is not without sacrifices.


Skater on a Cruise getting interviewed

February 2023

I am getting jealous looking at your IG account: Bahamas, Miami, Mexico, New York, UK, Italy. How much do you enjoy working on a cruise?
I do really enjoy working on a cruise ship industry because I can get new experiences from new places I never have been before, see different cultures, and sailing overseas making new friends onboard as well.

Is there anything you do not like about it?
Not spending time with my family, being thousands of miles away from home for a few months at a time.

How long are you working on the ship until you get some time off at home?
Approximately 8 months as per contract.

8 months! This is a long time. I hope they pay you well. How much time can you spend at home until you are back on the ship?
Usually they give me 2 month’s vacation.

‘One time, we assisted in the rescue of a sinking fisherman boat in the middle of ocean.’

Switch pivot stall - @villa_marcolina57 - 📸 @pulangpergipagi
Switch pivot stall • Villa Marcolina, Indonesia   © Pulangpergipagi

Does not seem an obvious choice for a skater to work on a cruise with the limited time you spend on land. Do you therefore end up skating in all cities you berth?
Not so, if I have extra time off to have chance to go ashore then I’ll do so. Sometimes however I’m so exhausted to go outside.

What are some of the crazy stuff you experienced on ship like a massive storm, fights, finding shipwrecked people or Nemo?
Sometimes, I feel seasick because of rough sea caused by bad weather. One time, we assisted in the rescue of a sinking fisherman boat in the middle of the ocean. It was a dramatic moment.

What happened?
We saw them from the ship. They were in the middle of the sea. Someone reported that they were in trouble and I heard from the announcement that they try to help them. Our ship turn around and launched rescue boats to get them onto our boat. What I know, they were 8 people immigrants from Cuba. We dropped them off at Costamaya.

Anything crazy happening on the ship itself? I heard of stories where people commit suicide jumping in the ocean at night.
What? How do you know that? Yeah that’s right, it happened with one our sister vessels.

‘Miami is the best one so far!!!!’

Kickflip - jakarta (@twiloskatecorner) - 📸 @rivorior
Kickflip • Jakarta, Indonesia   © Rivorior

Which one is your favourite destination from a skating perspective and why?
Miami is the best one so far!!!! Cause they have LOT11 Park and many spots around the streets.

Are you able to connect with the local skate crew at all?
Obviously, we meet in the park and we hang out again when I a back in town.

Any other skate destinations you like apart from Miami?
I love to skate at Puerto Plata in Mexico as well. Many spots around over there and also some downhills.

‘No man!!!! I had bad experience with relationships onboard.’

Blunt to fakie - @villa_marcolina57 - 📸 @helloworld_sv
Blunt to fakie • Villa Marcolina, Indonesia   © Helloworld_sv

How about the girls? Are you a true sailor with a lover at every port?
No man!!!! I had bad experience with relationships onboard (laughing).

Last question. If you could interview one person, who would it be and why? What would you ask?
I want to interview Rubianda (@Rubi4anda). I want to ask how he was selected as part of the Indonesian Skate Team?

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