June 2021

Growing up in the 80ies with Sci-Fi movies and comic books he started to collect toys with the aim to make his own comic books. He was guided by Paolo Rivera`s blog (Marvel Comics artist) who photographed action figures in order to have a reference for drawing panels. Eventually, David aka SuppaDuppa666 left the drawing part and started posing the action figures with funny captions on Facebook in 2009 where he immediately got a lot of attention. 

“In the nineties, we lived surrounded by skateboarders in Barcelona and we all tried to skate but not everybody was good at that. I am awful at skateboarding but I always loved it. I love the plasticity of the movements. That is what is attractive for me of skateboarding mixing it with action figures. 

I love putting my action figures in casual situations and one of my favorites is making them skate. I take references for the posings in youtube videos or just checking pictures of skaters.”