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‘I created his first design Pro Model for Sandlot Times.’

Xava Maldonado

January 2024

Most people dropped your name when I asked about local talents in Puerto Rico. How much does this love and recognition mean to you?
This means a lot to me! I work hard on my skating, and I put my everything on every little details on it, and it’s really nice to get all LOVE possible for it!


Who are some of the locals you looked up to when you first starting out skateboarding?
I have to say that my older brother, Carlos Maldonado, and our local skater friends from Cayey, PR.

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How did you get involved in first place?
I have a cousin that skates, pro skater Yonnie Cruz. Since we were young, he used to visit the family, and he was always skating, telling us everything about skateboarding and how big the industry is. That really got me. I met skating and I never stopped!

Who are some of the upcoming talents you have been spotting?
As a local from Cayey, PR, I’m always lurking for the local talents, kinda showing them the way to get better, and faster. So, I say Luis Cora’ “el nene de Cayey”. Look out for him. Raw, young, humble and a kid really passionate about skating!

‘I say Luis Cora’ “el nene de Cayey”. Look out for him.’

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You are the founder of SOLORAISETM Art Base Brand. Can you tell us more about it?
Other than skating, I’m a Professional Multimedia Artist, and founder of SOLORAISETM. As an artist, I use SOLORAISE as a platform to bring positivity to the people by using my art. I represent SOLORAISE with a “Rose”, to bring an upcoming message to the supporters. This inspired me as we have the flower all over Puerto Rico and to create a community to deliver my story and help others to grow too!

What is your connection with Ryan Sheckler?
I had the opportunity to work for Ryan Sheckler’s brand, Sandlot Times, thanks to Manny Santiago. I created his first design Pro Model for Sandlot Times. The board is called “Solos Taína”. I can only say that since I met Sheckler and the Sandlot Team, we immediately clicked! And it’s being nothing but great plans for the future of Sandlot Times!


Last question: If you could interview a person, who would it be and why? What would you ask?
I’ll interview my dad. He’s being the must humble role father figure I could ever ask. I’ll ask him for his knowledge for sure.

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