‘Entering the Dominican scene to digital news.’

Sail Nunez
Yes Skate Magazine

Photos by Sail Nunez

August 2023

Tell us something about DR that no one knows.
Something that nobody knows or at least does not want to know is that our country does not support skateboarding.

What is Yes Skate Magazine?

We are a magazine passionate about Caribbean art and its different branches. We love skateboarding and that’s where the magazine came from. We have the purpose of showing the world Caribbean skateboarding and how it is related to many aspects of art. Hence our way of recording and the selection of shots. Founded on January 24, 2022, created with the goal of sharing various offbeat and innovative views of skateboarding. Entering the Dominican scene to digital news.

What triggered the idea?

First of all, I like challenges and when I was studying audio-visual and editing, I saw that the Digital Skateboarding scene needed a push based on videos. I started as a joke but later it became something more seriouse when the people started to support my work.

Have you ever thought about publishing printed magazines?

Yes, it was my main objective but as time went by I realized that people spend more time watching videos. That’s why I decided to focus our first year on audio-visual content and after building our audience, start with the printed magazine.

‘For me the best moment is the process behind each video, going out and capturing the Dominican culture as such.’

Beethoven Andujar • Frontside Flip • Plaza Simon Bolivaro, Santo Domingo, DR

What are some of the challenges you face with running Yes Skate Magazine?
The daily challenges are many but at first my biggest challenge was monetary because when I started, I was at my worst and in this audio- visual business your creativity goes as far as your resources go. Currently my biggest challenge is to publish frequently because I am in charge of production, edition and publication of content.

What are some of the things you want to do in the future?
I have many things in mind but this year we are working hand in hand with several Dominican street wear brands making commercials. We are also working on our first clothing brand which will be launched on our #2 anniversary on January 24, 2024 which will be based on limited edition skater clothing.

Who is the godfather of the DR skate community and why?
For me, the godfather is Ramon Pacheco because he is the one who cares the most about the growth of the Dominican skater scene. Since before I was born, he was one of the founders of the local skateparks, always supporting and activating everyone to rebuild the structures or to do events. Personally since I started making videos, I always support myself and motivate me to continue with the project.

‘Here we are more afraid of the police than of the criminals themselves.’

Gian Franco • FS pop shuvit • Skate Park Montesinos, Zona colonial (DR)

What are some of the challenges skaters face in DR face every day?
Not having support from the country with the sport. It’s unbelievable how we don’t have any decent skateparks and the ones we do have are not in a great state. Recently, a city council vehicle destroyed the skatepark most used by all of us. We complained, and they went to take photos as if they were fixing something to upload it to social networks and said they did not when in truth what they did was damage it even more. Our biggest challenge is to progress as athletes in this sport.

What are some of the challenges the population in DR face every day?
We face many but the biggest is dealing with these presidents and the police. Here we are more afraid of the police than of the criminals themselves.

Last question. If you could interview one person, who would it be and why?
I would like interviews with Siloe Pito, for the years of experience and the stories in the skate culture.

Marty Cloud